Reckoning With Nazis

Or why Mini doesn’t talk much about her area of historical expertise.

Folks? I am a Saxon era England nerd. Which means I get a lot of cross over with Norse and Viking imagery. I study, specifically, 950s (ish) textile production in Norse contact Northern Europe. To the point where I’ve washed Icelandic fleece in a stream out doors, dyed it with birch bark over a camp fire, spun it with a stone spindle whorl dug out of the ground dating to my preferred time period and wove that shit on a warp weighted loom. I’m a very hands on history kinda gal.

Know who else is obsessed with Norse imagery? If you said “white supremacists” you win one (1) internet cookie. Good job.

I hate it.

Not just because I’m a Norse pagan and the fuckers are corrupting not only my hobby but my religious symbols. But also because it’s just bad history. The idea that the Norse had a view of race based around whiteness is… well it’s a bad look that tells me you haven’t researched further back than 1943. Or read any of the articles that have been coming out in the last 4-5 years while the historical community tries to distance itself from white folks with a hard on for Njal.

A small sampling:

Each of those has embedded links for further research and reading here folks. But, because I’m self centered and all, what does this mean for me? It means I am generally quiet. I no longer wear my garb to travel to SCA events (you know, in the before times when we had those instead of plague) I make a point of changing on site and changing back before I leave. It means I’ve stopped my personal research blog.

It means my own religious symbols, spotted In The Wild as it were, make me weary of the person wearing them. Just think on that for a second folks. Especially if you identify as some flavor of Christian. Just think on having to be suspicious of every person you spot wearing a cross, no matter how subtle or tasteful, because you can’t be sure if they’re trying to signal faith or wanting to kill you. And make no mistake, just because I’m white doesn’t mean Nazis don’t also want me dead. I’m just further down the list. I’m a queer, sex positive, liberal, poly, mentally ill (independent of those previous things here folks), childfree by choice woman who has the audacity to be open about all those things.

So where am I going with this?

Remember not to tuck your thumb in your fist or you’ll break it, follow through, and the bridge of the nose is the most effective place to aim. Make your Nazi punching count. The assholes practice bad history and make me look bad.

-Mini Bitchy

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