The Bitchy Historian presents: How not to be a TERF!

The short answer is don’t fucking be one, but it’s not always that simple. I get it. I know it’s sort of the new hotness in the UK right now where they think it’s a slur. (It’s an acronym, but don’t let the President’s English interfere with your sour mood and Rowling stanning.) I was […]

Reckoning With Nazis

Or why Mini doesn’t talk much about her area of historical expertise. Folks? I am a Saxon era England nerd. Which means I get a lot of cross over with Norse and Viking imagery. I study, specifically, 950s (ish) textile production in Norse contact Northern Europe. To the point where I’ve washed Icelandic fleece in […]

On philosophy with Bitchy Bestie and the dangers of nostalgia.

I mention frequently that I’ve known Bestie for a long time. We met in 1989, we were seven-years-old, and we’ve been disgustingly inseparable since high school save distance and the idiocity of my first marriage. Even Mr. Bitchy knows that he’s not #1 in my life, and accepts this. Bestie’s job is to check on […]

My tattoo conundrum and dealing with encroachment of white supremacy in the study of Antiquity

I have SPQR tattooed on my arm. It’s amidst a colorful design of other Classical-to-Byzantine imagery that includes frescoes, mosaics, a tetradrachm with the adorable owl, a Byzantine eagle embroidery, and even a fragment of Sappho. Together, to the educated admirer, it makes sense: It’s a cohesive collection of material and literary culture, mostly floral […]

So, who, or what, exactly is a “Cracker”?

So the most recent reason I was banhammered from the great and egalitarian platform known as Facebook is because I used the term “cracker” in regards to, well, the typical white person that fulfills that moniker. My brother sent me a text stating that he was banned for calling Twisted Tea the “Cracker Smacker” after […]

The Obligatory “Hello world!” Post

Or to quote album liner notes from The Prodigy’s Fat of the Land, “Preparedness makes us powerful. Butter merely makes us fat.” This has absolutely fuck all to do with anything, I just like it and I have a hard time getting out of the late 90s at times. More content coming soon. Give us […]

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