What We Do

The Bitchy Historian started as a Facebook page in January of 2017, following the inauguration of a certain so-called leader. It was originally created as a vent point for Angela, the OG Bitchy, who was getting continually attacked and chastised on her own personal timeline for posting anti-fascist and anti-racist content and consistently debunking alleged historical memes coming out from the Alt-Right.

The page was not really “busy” until 2019, when the follows boomed, causing Angela to become Bitchy Prime, and to have to bring on a second admin, Mhari, who took on the moniker “Mini-Bitchy”, who took it upon herself to answer the inbox, and hover over threads for problem children.

As a result of frequent bans at the hands of disgruntled Facebookers, Prime and Mini brought TJ, the Bitchy Tenor, into the role of page moderator to help control and entertain, but the love affair with Facebook appears to be over as the platform continues to uphold values unbecoming of what we stand for. (Like keeping Blood Libel groups up. Seriously?)

The other names that come up: Mr. Bitchy (guess who he is), and Bitchy Bestie, are actually real people, and the stories are paraphrased, but genuine. They have no active roles in page content.

Bitchy does have both a BA and MA in history, with a PhD in holding pattern until the world gets it shit together. Her academic focus is Antiquity, but her undergraduate work in European Intellectual and Political History coupled with a few years working as a research librarian for a US Navy museum has given her a bit of an edge in regards to coming out of her comfort zone and throw down the sources when needed in regards to current events. She often jokes about the reason she has anxiety is from having Chicago Manual of Style footnotes beaten into her as a senior. In fact, the only “member” of The Bitchy Historian Dramatis Personae without a history degree of some form is Mr. Bitchy, who actually hated history as a child and now makes historic things all the time out of wood and metal.

Anonymity is the name of the game for reason, but opinions here are our own, and do not reflect those of our schools or places of employment.

The Bitchy Historian and all her peeps believe Love is Love, Black Lives Matter, Trans Rights Are Human Rights, and anti-fascism and anti-racism are the ONLY stances worth taking. We know slavery is a historic institution but do never view it as “good” and believe in teaching that the ownership of humans was never a wholly accepted practice. We don’t play devil’s advocate regarding World War II, and we punch Nazis. If you don’t like it, fuck off.